Four Paws Animal Clinic Partners with Vets to Vets

blogMeet our local Vets to Vets team

On left is Rosemary Adams with her puppy, “Sandy.” On the right is Bobby Finch with her Bichon Frise, “Brodie.”

From Vets to Vets: Vets to Vets United Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created to unite Veterinarians and Veterans for a common goal—–To Save Lives. The animal saves or significantly improves the life of a Veteran by providing companionship and/or help with a mental or physical disability, while the veteran saves the life of an animal by adopting it from a local animal shelter, therefore, preventing it from being euthanized.

This type of animal/human union will create a life long loving bond between two souls, a healthier community by increasing independence for men and women veterans with disabling medical conditions and provide therapeutic interventions that improve mental and physical health. Its a win win deal!

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